Our Story

Medloyd Healthcare was established in 1990 with the view to import and distribute high quality brand name medical related products. Our intention, and on going commitment, is to provide the industry with the highest possible level of service, whilst simultaneously, contributing to the building of the integrity of the industry.

Medloyd Healthcare has grown steadfastly in becoming not only a first choice, but also a trusted partner and reliable supplier to the increasing list of satisfied clients that we have accrued over the last two and a half decades.
We attribute our success solely to our long standing client base who took the time to listen and identify with our ability to offer trusted recommendation. In so doing, this afforded Medloyd Healthcare the ideal platform from which we have and continue grow from strength to strength with each passing year. It goes without saying that each and every one of our clients is our most valued.

Being in the medical industry for more than 30 years has come to realise that if we do not stock the product you require, we are almost certain that we can source it for you. If we are not able to source it at a competitive price, we will most certainly advise you as to where you can purchase whatever it is you need at the best possible price.

Some Of Niche Products


Breastlight is a simple, safe and easy to use handheld device that you can use in the comfort of your own home for the early detection of breast abnormalities and breast cancer.


All in one shielding & dry skin care lotion. Keeps the good stuff in & the bad stuff out. World leaders in shielding technology.


ClampCut® All-In-One is a sterile, disposable obstetric instrument that clamps and cuts the umbilical cord while securing the severed ends.


Official 3M Healthcare distributor and stockist for all 3M medical related products